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About Us

Located in Galston, New South Wales, Smile Dial Art & Craft-time was started in 2018 for the purpose of supporting the local community. We are also dedicated to helping parents and carers reconnect with their children without technology.

We believe that in today’s world, there are numerous distractions, commitments, and responsibilities for families. TVs, iPads, and phones are some of the classic babysitters for this generation. However, they cause a ‘disconnection’ from parents/family members and a ‘connection’ with technology.

Technology is wonderful and plays a major role in society, but that means we need an outlet for parents, grandparents and family members to maintain a healthy and positive connection with our little ones. That is where Smile Dial Art & Craft-time comes in.

We offer a fun, friendly 1.5-hour structured program for kids aged 1-5 years old. The class is focused around the interaction with your child, learning, singing, colours, two themed crafts, and healthy (vegan-suitable) snacks all included.